Aug 25, 2011


In my last post, I mentioned that we stayed with friends in a cabin on Great Slave Lake.  Dragonfly was built by them over the last few years.  It is a lovely cabin on a small island in a group called Pilot Islands.  Howard, one of the owners tells me that much of the material was taken out in the winter with a skidoo and trailer.  It would be stacked and used in the summer.  Other things were brought out in the summer with their power boat and it was fun manhandling things like a stove or fridge out of the boat, on to their dock and then up over the rocks to the cabin. 
Shoreline Sketches - some were made as we were trolling
A project like that is hard work, but comes with a real feeling of accomplishment and of course lots of stories.  After hearing all of their stories it really gave me a desire to venture up north in the winter and see what life is like.  I really want to see an ice road, ride on a skidoo, see the northern lights in the winter and see the ice and snow in the setting sun.  My brother tells me March is a good time to visit so don’t be surprised if I head off next winter!!
In the meantime I thought you would enjoy seeing some of my sketches from the trip, they are just little snatches of north, so different but still so picturesque.
Dave & Cindy's Greenhouse, we got lots of fresh cherry tomatoes from their patio garden

Quick sketches as we drove back from Fort Providence, I love the rocks and trees.  The scrawny thin trees are so fun to draw.  So much personality!!


Gillian Olson said...

Wendy what a great story and the sketches help bring it to life.

Wendy Mould said...

Thanks Gillian, I did enjoy the challenge of sketching while moving.

Barbara A. Freeman said...

Hi Wendy, Thanks for sharing your sketches and stories. Gillian is right, they bring it to life. Sounds like a great trip!