May 17, 2010

The Old Master

The Old Master - Sold

This picture was designed to go with the previous picture "The Forest Floor". They are part of a commission I was working on. Again, it is working with forest scenes without a path but this one just seemed to paint itself. I think it is because of my stump, the old master. I have drawn this stump before in ink and I just love it. The stump sits by the trail up at Hicks Lake, a favourite camping spot when our kids were young. We spent many summers there and often walked around on the trails. This old master sat off to the side buried in ferns and moss. He must have been a grand old tree as he is huge and the sides bare the notch marks from the logging days of the early 1900's. I often wonder what changes he has seen and the stories he could tell. Even now, his life has changed again as he carries the load of new growth as the forest continues its cycle of rebirth. As I said earlier, this is a big favourite with me!


CountryDreaming said...

Oh my goodness! Just yesterday I was out walking the nature trails at the Rocky River Reservation Metropark and took pictures of scenery that reminds me of yours! Haven't put it up in a blog entry yet and kind of wondered if anyone else besides me appreciated the sometimes humble simple greens and browns of a forest. Good to see you're a kindred spirit in that regard. Absolutely love the mood you've achieved here. The textures and color are both rich and wonderful. :-)

Wendy Mould said...

Thank you so much. I was really pleased with the effects I achieved in this picture as well.

Dors said...

Lovely work Wendy and a lovely story.

The two painting really compliment each other.

Hope your having a great day. :)

Wendy Mould said...

Thanks Dors, yes the two pictures really looked great together.