Apr 8, 2010

Agassiz – Harrison Museum

I am back on track with one of my winter projects, the Agassiz-Harrison Museum, a small train station and museum located in Pioneer Park in Agassiz, BC. This is at the east end of the Fraser Valley in a very picturesque farm community. I had talked with the museum society last summer about doing some pictures of the building and other things on the site for a series of art cards and memo pads.
The building, my second picture in the series, is the original station built in 1893 and was once a fully-operation station complete with the station master living on the site. I decided to do the station itself in ink as to me somehow old building have to be in ink. I added a few items from the museum to the front to give it a little pizzazz. The picture I did for Christmas, "Home for the Holidays" on a December blog, is also part of this series. The third picture "Coffee Break" is coming up next.


Dors said...

Lovely work Wendy. Love it.

Anonymous said...

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Brenda Hill said...

Well done Wendy, you are turning into a drawing machine

Wendy Mould said...

Thank you ladies, I am glad you enjoyed my picture.

Pencil Sanity said...

Wonderful work Wendy. There is lots of great detail to admire.