Mar 8, 2010

Logs on the Trail

Well I am over the Olympic jet lag and back to work. I started with a miniature to get back into the groove. As I mentioned earlier I will be having a miniature show in October this year so I really need to get to work. The subject for this picture is one of my favorite. I love the west coast forests. "Logs on the Trail" (3 x 4 in) is from an old second growth forest area. As you can see the cedar and fir trees are quite tall and the coniferous trees are getting very spindly as they fight for light. They will not be around much longer. The undergrowth is not as lush, again because of the light but moss and ferns are everywhere providing a beautiful cover. The trail winds through it all looking for open ground but is often forced to go over logs and break through brush. Over time the logs will become broken down and rough steps will appear. It is a great place to walk but particularly on a hot summer day.
This picture is from the west coast of British Columbia north of Vancouver. It is called the Sunshine Coast and one of my favorite places to visit. Steve and I are planning another trip up there this July and I am already getting excited about it.

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