Jan 15, 2010

By the Water's Edge

Great news!! My miniature show in the fall is going ahead. I have received word that I have been chosen to do a show with my minatures for the month of October. I am really pleased about this as I love my miniatures and it is very hard to find a place to show them properly. So you will be seeing miniatures popping up on my blog throughout this year. Of course if you are interested in one you are welcome to purchase it. I will have several extra for the show by October.
"By the Water's Edge" (2.5 x 4 inches) is from our camping trip two summers ago on the Sunshine Coast. We were at a small lake and this little spot with the birch trees really caught my eye. I love birch trees, that comes from growing up on the east coast of Canada. One does not often see a group of them on the west coast. I wanted to paint them because they looked so nice nestled in the trees with their lovely reflections in the water. We had seen deer tracks there as we walked along the trail so I decided to put the deer back into the picture. I could see him coming out through the bushes to get a drink and then being startled by a noise. Enjoy the picture.

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Pencil Sanity said...

That is fantastic news and you so deserve to show your work. I am very excited for you and can't wait to see some of the new mini work you will create.
Oh and you will need to take photos of the show for us to see.