Sep 26, 2009

Holidays are over and it is back to work

I have been away on a camping trip to Hornby Island, off the coast of Vancouver Island. It is a lovely little island with little in the way of commercial ventures but beautiful scenery and artists' studios everywhere. The weather was great and we had lots of fun. While we were there we walked the beaches and trails, and the highlight was the Fall Fair. This is a real small town fair which involved everyone in the community. There was a parade to start (the theme was chickens this year) and then fine things to see and do. One group operated a game called "Poo-ette", everyone purchased a square and then watched a chicken to see whose square he would do his thing on. It was just plain good fun. There was a booth selling pieces of pie with 'real whipped cream' and my piece of apple pie with caramel drizzled on it was to die for. Here is a picture of Tribune Bay, Hornby Island, looking out towards the coast of Vancouver Island. There is a lot of sandstone on each end of the beach which make very interesting formations. The second picture is the view from our campsite which I call "Arbutus Lookout".

It was a trip filled with inspirations for new work and I am ready to settle down and do some serious work for my fall shows and my solo show planned for April of next year.

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