Aug 3, 2017

YIPEE!! I am no longer a Pack Animal! Painting and Drawing Tips


Let's go!
Excitement is in the air.
The hiking trip that has been planning for weeks is about to begin.  You hoist up your bag and . . .
I can never carry this.  What on earth is in there?
Mermaid Cove, Protected Waters - 5 x 7 experimenting with using watercolour and ink but letting the ink be the star. 
Let's take a look: snacks, water, camera, binoculars, basic first aid stuff, sweater/ rain gear, and art supplies.  It all adds up to a heavy load.

Like you I enjoy the outdoors, kayaking, hiking or just a walk at any time of the year.  My latest camping/painting trip was filled with hikes along the trails, climbing over the logs on the beach and leisure walks along the bluff.  Everywhere I went there were awesome things to paint and sketch, and I did.
View north on Okeover Arm - more of my experimenting with using watercolour and ink 
Don't get me wrong, if there is a nice scenic spot I can drive up to, I take everything!!  Chairs, umbrellas, lots of cold drinks and more.

But. . .

Sometimes you want to go further and see more.  Now you are packing and the luxuries have to be left behind.

This summer I began experimenting with a great portable watercolour kit I put together.  It is small, light weight and has my own paints in it.  ( Getting my own paints was key to my kit as I was finding it a new learning curve every time I tried some of my commercial kits.)

My portable kit open in action, works great for sketchbook or watercolour sheet 7.5 x 9.5

Kit all packed up (top) laid out to view (bottom)
Kit Contents: Referring to the bottom picture - kit laid out Going left to right  
  1. Mesh nylon bag 12 in x 8
  2. Moleskin Sketchbook 5 in x 8 in. (under clamps)
  3. Plastic clamps - 3 - 4in long.  The 2 blue ones are locking which means they really are easy to clamp  and also release.  I would get 3 of this type next time
  4. Magnetic Spice tin with see-through lid (in front of pallet)  - 2 in high 2.25 diameter.  This was a major find, only $2 at Canada Tire.  It is sealed so I can carry water with it and it sticks to my metal pallet when I work.  Awesome!!
  5. Metal Pallet: 5 in x 2.5 in folded up  These are awesome, you put your own pans in them and fill them with your own colours
  6. Brushes -  Jack Richeson Watermedia Pocket Plein Air Brush Set, they come in that handy case and the brushes are really nice to work with
  7. Business Card - never hurts to Advertise!
  8. Plastic Zilock Bag - (under orange clamp at the top) pencil, Pigma Perment Ink Pen 03, kneaded eraser, small pencil sharpener
  9. My board - 1/4 inch plywood with corners sanded 9.5 x 13.5
Full Kit 5 lbs it can be stripped down to Pallet, Book, Zilock Bag and Waterfilled Brush. Stripped Down Kit 1 lb.

My only additions is small piece of paper towel which I hook to clamp as you can see in the action shot. My other addition to any outdoor work is a towel.  (softer seat for a log, use to make more shade, a toy or bed for Max, etc.)
Max, my Art Buddy.  Waits patiently then reminds me when it is time to get up and move. 
I am still tweaking my kit, I may take a few of the brushes out of my brush set and use the spot for pen and pencil, and I may try corrugated plastic instead of plywood.  Always striving for the Ultimate in portability.
I found that Liz Steele, an urban sketcher that I love to follow, has lots of good ideas for a good travel kit. Also James Gurney had a good article in the International Artist Magazine Vol 116, Aug/Sept 2017.  He sells a video that shows how to build his set up.

Have you found a great way to make your set up lighter?  I would love to hear what you do.

My 4 week Painting/Camping trip to Texada Island and Sunshine Coast was full of painting and trying new things. To learn more see my last post "Are you a Swimmer or a Diver?"   My next post is  OMG!! Have I got a NEW  Major Medium - not sure if my studio has room for it but . . . I am really loving it.

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