Jan 12, 2017

Take the Plunge - Painting & Drawing Tips


Yes, Dive in and Create.  It is something you have always wanted to do but . . . . Life gets in the way.  We have all been there.

Looking for a start.  This could be for you.

With Christmas over I have been catching up with friends and I discovered something very interesting. My journey into Zentangle Doodles has really started something.
One of Jessie's Creations

Jessie, my friend in northern Alberta, was visiting when I first got my Zentangle book in 2015.  She thought it was very interesting and bought a book and materials before going home.  Well, she loved it. She worked away, showed her friends, they loved it too. Now they want to try.
Early pages from Jessie's Sketchbook - Aren't they Awesome!!
Talking to her this week, she talks about her excitement in her drawing.  She has got other drawing books and now she is trying trees, landscapes and more. Starting with the 'Zentangles' really gave her the skills and confidence she needed to move forward. She has always wanted to draw, not sure how to start and yes, a little afraid too.  Let's face it. That blank piece of paper can really stare you down, when confidence is low.

See what I mean, Something is really happening eh?

Carol, came to one of my Christmas Card Classes in the fall.  She has arthritis and a bit of shake but always wanted to try drawing. We found some patterns that really worked with a loose line and went for it.  Her comments "Oh Wendy, that was fabulous.  I am so glad I came. I have always wanted to draw, wait till I send my granddaughter my card.  She will love it. Let me know when you have more classes."  ( I must admit she was the inspiration that got me doing Valentine cards. but more on that later)
Carol's Fabulous Christmas Cards
Bonnie was also at one of my classes.  We did the cards on watercolour paper. She was so happy with hers she painted it and posted it on Facebook!
Bonnie's Awesome Christmas Card
See what I mean, there is something about working with patterns and ink that really brings that passion to draw, to life.

But what really brought it home was my walk with Marilyn, a walking buddy.  I was so blown away by her story I asked her to share it with you.

 As someone who is just beginning to explore drawing I find the Zentangles such a great jumping off point. After just 15 minutes with Wendy, exploring a few of the basic patterns, I felt confident enough to try a circle shaped like the ones she had done on her cards. There was no pencil drafting, no planning! I just separated the circle into three spaces with two wavy lines using my Pigma Micron 01 pen. I was working on a small watercolour pad which wasn't the best choice as the lines were not as uniform as they could have been. Nevertheless, I filled each of the spaces with a basic design.
Marilyn's First Christmas Card - Don't you love it!  I need her to show me how to do that fabulous font.  It really goes well with her message 
After twenty minutes the ornament was complete. I took the opportunity to colour it in with some Aquarel pencil crayons and a travel brush with a water reservoir since it was on watercolour paper. The result was so nice, my friend, Christine asked if I had just done that in such a short time. I was so thrilled with my little piece of artwork that I instantly gave it to her.

Marilyn's Nine Patch - Reminds me of Quilting
The next day I poked around on Pinterest and found so many other interesting designs I could try. Within a few minutes I had roughly eyeballed my page into nine sections and drawn a square in each one. I must have been so captivated with filling my sample sheet that I didn't realize two hours had passed.

Working in these nine little squares allowed me to be consistent even though there were many inconsistencies in my patterning. I played around with a bit of shading to create a 3D effect in the basket weave, saw how depth of field could be hinted at with different pen widths, deconstructed patterns on my own to replicate them on my page and even figured out how to remove unwanted lines with an x-acto knife with my page curled over a glass. 

For the first time I wasn't stressed about producing, or rather not producing, something I was pleased with, and was worth my time. Creating these patterns was very relaxing....a mindful relaxation. I had learned that I could be "artistic" without knowing how to draw properly. I could see from looking at drawings others had done that I could choose patterns for different reasons in my next tangle based on the amount of black vs white, the severity of the angles or softness of the curves, the thickness of the lines, the amount and shape of the pattern spaces..........Oooh.......I think I'll try a dragonfly!
Definitely good things happening here.  

These conversations were 'aha' moments for me.  I have felt I had found something.  Great for everyone but especially something for those wanting to get into drawing.  As my regular Blog readers know, I have been working away on my cards because I enjoy them, they're fun to make and I wanted to share the joy. (See last post).  But of course, alone in your studio, you don't really know how others feel.  I was thrilled to hear I had sparked all this creativity.

So, it's January, time to start new things - Take the Plunge and start drawing!  If you want some help I have several ways to help:

1. Zentangle Doodle Card Classes: Thursday, Feb 16, 1:30 - 3:30pm & 6-8pm Expressions Art Gallery, Maple Ridge.  Saturday, Feb. 18, 10:30-12:30, (FULL) and 2:00-4:00pm  Art by Wendy Studio, N. Surrey   $30 Supplies Included. We will be working with mice and owls in our Zentangle Doodle Cards  (you knew I would have animals somewhere) Contact Wendy to REGISTER

2. Buy a few of my Zentangle Doodle Cards and start  Colouring. See my collection here.   They are fabulous fun, just imagine how special your cards will be when you personalize them like that.  Those special people in your life will cherish your cards.

3. Private Drawing Lessons -  2.5 hr sessions in my studio, flexible scheduling to fit your schedule. 3 lesson package $225. Beginners to Adanced are welcome.  Adults, Teens and Younger Students. ( $35 for 1 hour sessions for younger students.) more info here

Time to make a plan and kick start your Passion to Draw.  Let me know how it works out.  Were these doodles a starting point for you?  What got you started?

Special Note to Artists: 
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