Jun 30, 2016

What if there are no shadows? Painting and Drawing Tips

PIPES - Shadow Dancing
 Whoa, you say, no shadows.  How does that work?  Well 'Pipes" is my little shadow dancer.  He will demonstrate that no shadows are possible.  In fact without shadows life can be good.  See Pipes below.  

PIPES - no shadows (sorry picture so light, I am limited to my iPhone right now. It looked better when I took it)

There is a sense of depth created with the layers of pipes.  A foreground, mid ground and background are there.  The winding and twisting of the pipes ensures there is lots of movement.  And my little men and plants keep the eye busy and inside the picture frame. An awesome little exercise.  It started with a doodle of lines and then just kept building.  

However, lots can be learned from a doodle.  

First set up your pipes.  When you draw don't worry able a uniform size, just wind and twist around the page.  Have some slip under and some slide over each other.  Then add your own little twist of creativity.  My men were inspired by a book I am reading by animator, Walt Stanchfield. (He drew many of the characters for Walt Disney and trained many artists to be animators. ) 

Now add your shadows.  

Seems easy enough but first, which way is your light source?  Now what happens at the turn?  Does it differ if the pipe curves left, right, up or down?  When your pipe is straight up and down, what is happening there?  Oh, and what about when 3 pipes intersect?  Suddenly you are looking at things in a different way.  I found myself really studying poles and fences in the sun trying to see what is really happening.  How big the highlight is and where is it was.  

Oh, and don't forget the hard and soft edge. You want those pipes to be round!

This little activity is guaranteed to get you seeing shadows in a new way.  Maybe it should have been the first post in the Shadow Series, not sure.  

Now you are ready to Shadow Dance, get your pipes a moving!

Special Note:

CROSSING THE LINE  is s Winner! - Art 2016 Juried Show,  Surrey Art Centre, Surrey, BC

Working with the shadows is part of my Shadow Series.  I know you hear all about the light in your pictures but dealing with the shadows is an important part of giving your subject form and mass.  This series starts here when you Meet the Terminator. 

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Special Note: Have a fun outing at the Plein Air Painting Festival centered on an historic site? Right here in the Fraser Valley. August 26, 27, & 28. Prizes for everyone at all levels.  $15 - www.kilby.ca to register and get more information.  See you there.

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