Apr 23, 2015

Backgrounds! More on Painting Backgrounds!


Well I went all out on this one!!

I wanted a night scene 
but it had to have some life to it
So . . .

Barn Owl at night - WIP 1

Crazy eh?!

As I said, I wanted night and I wanted interesting foliage/background.  I think I got it!!

To start, I decided on the size of my owl and where he would be placed.  I was thinking of putting a clump with a stamp on the left and have a branch come out of it for my bird to sit on.  I wanted it to be night and have only the front part of the bird in light.  Then I put frisket down where the owl was going to be. 

Next, I picked my colors: Ultramarine, Burnt Sienna, New Gamboge, Alizarin Crimson and Paynes Gray and made a medium wash with each of them.  I wet my paper and let it settle in. When the puddles were gone but it was still shiny,  I went at it!!  

I covered the paper with my colours, letting them mix and mingle,   As a final touch I dropped salt crystals. As you can see, they really made some interesting texture. I walked away and left the whole thing dry over night.  No blow drying of any kind. 
A close up showing the effect of the salt on the paint.  Neat, eh?!
Once things were dry I cleaned the frisket and salt off and laid out my picture.  I was ready to start painting it.  
Barn Owl at Night, WIP 2 - detail 
Here is the start of my picture.  As you can see the branch covers over the background nicely and my background really seems to suggest interesting foliage.  

Next week I will have this baby done and you will see how things work together.  Lots of work to do on the bird and of course a few more layers on the background.  Sign up to get my blog by email so you wont miss Part 2!! (top right hand corner of this page) 

For further ideas on working with backgrounds see:  March 19 - How to paint the background?

Have you tried this type of background? How did it work for you?  

Have a great day and let me know how this works for you,

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