Dec 17, 2013

Update on Bulgaria


The Dance of the Poppy - 4 x 5 Watercolour
My minis are settled and happy in Bulgaria.  The 4th Painting and Mixed Media Competition at the Lessedra Gallery opened on Dec 11 at 7pm. and runs till Feb 15, 2014. There are 248 artists entered the show from 49 different countries,  twenty-three artists are from Canada. Sad to say I was not one of the prize winner but I am happy to be part of the show.  It is really kind of interesting to think my pictures are busy entertaining so far away with so many different kinds of art.  

Eagle on the Rocks - 3.5 x 3.5 Watercolour
 The days are flying by so quickly, hope your Christmas preparations are going well.  Steve has been busy doing the Christmas baking and I am trying not to eat too much of it!!  A hard task as he makes so many wonderful treats. 
Rocky Shores - 5 x 6  Watercolour
Have a great day and think good thoughts for my pictures far away.  As always if you wish to buy any of my work or register for workshops just Contact Wendy .
To see some of the show:

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Congradulations on the show in Bulgaria, Wendy!