Mar 21, 2010

Soleil and Billy

So many projects and so little time! I often wonder how other artists keep up with the demands of marketing and still have time for their work. Is there really only 24 hours in a day!!

Soleil and Billy are my latest. They are a lovely pair of Pomeranians that I have been commissioned to draw. Their background is snow which is unusual for us as we often don't have a real winter but last year we did and their owners got some great pictures for me to work with.
I have Billy pretty well done and then it will be on to Soleil. I must admit I started out wondering how I could get that fluffiness to his hair. At first I fought with it, trying one thing after another but to no avail. Then suddenly it was there. The secret, layers, don't expect it to happen with one or two, you need to layer and lift, layer and lift, each time you get another depth to his hair and the more you have the thicker and fluffier he gets.
Well back to work. I am excited to start on Soleil as she presents a new challenge, to get those layers going with a much whiter dog!!
Have a good day.


Dors said...

Great to see your work again Wendy. Looks like a wonderful commission to do. I will be watching for updates. Looks wonderful so far.

Good Luck with the miniature show in Oct.
will soon come around. Time flies .

Wendy Mould said...

It is great to be back and drawing again. Yes I am really enjoying this commission. I do find they present you with new problems and you always learn new things when you work them out.