Sep 2, 2009

Demoing at the Fair

I have been super busy for the last week and a half with the PNE, our big fair that runs for 2 weeks in Vancouver, BC. I am part of a farm market specializing in local products, located on the fairgrounds in a large barn complex with lots of different farm animals all around us. It is really kind of fun and exciting, eggs are hatching, new piglets are squealing, ducks are squawking and watching over everything is two of the biggest white bulls I have ever seen, Zorro and Zeldo. For city people that see very little of the country first hand it is a great sight and of course the young kids just love it. It amazes me how long people will stand and watch the eggs in the incubator, as they wiggle and roll around before the young chicks hatch out. For my part, I have a large selection of my cards, prints and things in the market and then I do drawing demos several days during the fair. This is me all set up with my picture of a young barred owl that I have been working on for my demo.

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Pencil Sanity said...

How wonderful and what a great way to get yourself and your work out among the people. Hope you do well with this.