Dec 11, 2014

Can "Bumps in the night" be a good thing?


It started when I decided to make colour theory my learning focus. 

Being basically a black and white person with my art I have always found colour a challenge.  I had been reading about French Ultramarine Blue (FUBlue) and what a wonderful colour it was.  Ultramarine Blue (UBlue) has been my standby but my book said they were not the same.  Well as you probably already know, they sure aren't!  

Colour-wise they look similar but they act quite different. It is a colour that likes to granulate.

The big surprise came with Mini Sunshine!  I carefully drew the picture, put down some frisket and did my wash: Alizarine Crimson and French Ultramarine mixed to lovely purple colour.  Things were very wet so I left my piece till morning.
Detail from that first wash. 

Wow!! Were there ever bumps in the night!  

You guessed it.  I had my purple but intermixed were flecks of blue.  I thought my piece was ruined. 

I studied it for a bit and decided to push ahead and finish. It seemed the best way to really learn. I used the FUBlue to mix with my yellow for my greens, the texture from the granulation really did add a new dimension.  I glazed with it. Kind of neat. I changed to my yellows and reds and painted the flower.  Here it is. 
 Mini Sunshine - 3.25 x 3.25 -  watercolour 

 I kind of like the contrast of the smooth yellow petals and granulated colours.

I went back to my last picture "River Run", some of you may have noticed the interesting texture in the background rocks.  I used FUBlue there as well, but with a mixture of other colours and salt, there was lots of action.  Now I realize that most of the action was from the FUBlue.  

Detail from River Run, my last post. 

I have a second miniature started with the same colours, I was holding back on it but now I am anxious to get it underway.  This FUBlue, does add a different dimension.  It won't replace my UBlue but I can see it will definitely be in the mix again.
Have a great day,

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Brenda Hill CDM said...

this little one just pops!

Wendy Mould AFCA said...

Yes, it does look really neat with the white mat. I am looking forward to finishing the other one. I think they will be a really nice pair.

Linda said...

It's beautiful Wendy

Wendy Mould AFCA said...

Thank you LInda, blackeyed susies are one of my favourite flowers. They come in late summer and seem to be a great reminder of our summer memories.