Mar 20, 2014

Can Gray really Make White?


ON MY OWN - WIP- 8 X 10
Spring is here and it is a busy time in on any farm.  New born lambs, pigs, calves and more will be everywhere.  This little guy was born last year and I captured a few special moments with him.  He was already getting mobile and ready to move away from Mom.  He was very brave and curious, coming very close to check me out.  I was delighted to see him and to get some great shots.  

Making white with Gray?!!
Drawing a white lamb with a gray pencil can be a bit of a challenge.  Gray will not really make white but as an artist we can make magic.  As long as the illusion of white is there, the viewer will see white!  The job is half done by the subject, sheep are generally associated with the colour white. (Although we all have heard of the 'black sheep'.)  So the viewer is already set up for white, a few added techniques will finish the job. Leaving large areas white, bleached by the sun as I have laid out in my picture also helps.  Lost edges are another technique as well.  The white areas on the top of his head and near his nose are not finished, only hints of hair are found.  His back has a fuller line by the white area but that needs to be broken up.  It is still there just for my layout purposes.  The use of a bit of colour for the ears helps too.  The pink ears will give the impression of colour again reinforcing the idea that the white spaces are the 'local colour'.  
So yes, you can make white with gray, it just takes a little magic!!


Brenda Hill CDM said...

Love the light and shadows Wendy

Brenda said...

Lovely work Wendy... It also gives the viewer the feeling that the full rays of the sun is shining down on this little guy-- great warmth to this piece. I need to get my camera going, since my son will be adding some new lambs to his flock! :)


Studio at the Farm said...

Absolutely beautifully done, Wendy!

Debbie Nolan said...

Wendy - this is awesome. Your drawing really captures a sweetness -your talent is amazing. Thanks for sharing.