Sep 20, 2012


Scout - 4.5 x 6.5 SOLD

Scout is done and ready to head north.  Scout is Buddy's live-in friend, (see Aug 19 post) they live in Yellowknife, NWT with my brother and sister-in-law.  She has a quieter nature than Buddy; she's a little skidderish and often slow to accept new people.  I felt truly honoured that after a very short time into my visit, she was out and about and even letting me pat her. While Buddy governs the house and keeps everyone in line, Scout just quietly does her own thing.  One of her jobs is to look after the house when everyone is out and to keep  an eye on Buddy.  (He sometimes takes advantage of an empty house.)   Scout is also a regular visitor to my sister-in-law's quilting room, she likes to check out the new projects and add her comments too!!
Scout was a real challenge to draw, her soft black colouring blended into a single shape and I really had to sculpture her body shape myself. My main strategy was to really focus on layering rather than trying to go dark too soon, not an easy thing to do!    I think she will be happy with her picture.  
As always cards and matted prints are available for all of my work starting as low as $3.50 plus postage.


Brenda Hill said...

Another good one, I like how you did the soft outline of the chair

Wendy Mould said...

Thanks Brenda, I wanted to use the chair as a way to ground Scout without getting too complicated. I was also pleased with the way it worked.