Aug 9, 2009

I am Back with new Stuff!!

We had a great camping trip on the southern part of Vancouver Island. We stayed at several provincial campsites and all of them had beautiful stands of firs and cedars. My husband and I had a wonderful time sightseeing, swimming, and catching up on our reading. When the heat was bad we were up to a book a day!! We saw lots of wildlife: a deer with two fawns, a large black bear standing right in front of us on the trail, a pod of killer whales, birds of every kind and a young barred owl sitting on a telephone wire taking everything in.
My miniature picture Pathway through the Giants was completed at our campsite on Lake Cowichan. The trees were huge and beautiful and I just couldn't get enough of them.
While I was away I also worked on some fun pieces – my Jack Russell series. When visiting my cousin earlier this year I took lots of pictures of her Jacks. I wanted to try different things and pick some poses that are not for your usual portrait. I even tried my hand at mixing a bit of color pencil and graphite. I will post my pieces later this week as I get caught up with things but here is the first one for now, which I called I'm Sorry.


Florence's Art said...

Awww... Perfect title. He looks so sorry. I really like how you captured all the different textures in your forest sketch.

Martina said...

Both pieces are beautiful! I like your style with the pathway and the JR terrier is sooooooooo cute - and the title is perfect. :))

Wendy Mould said...

Thanks Florence and Martina for the comments. I was really pleased with my Jack Russel picture. As any dog owner will tell you dogs can be so expressive with their eyes and bodies when they want too!!

Dors said...

Beautiful work as always.
Love the expression on his face. (Well named) Love the Cedar and Fir Trees. great composition.