Feb 1, 2009

The Painted Lady is nearly done

Yes, my house has a name. I took her to see her owner on the weekend and she was very happy to see how the picture was coming. She tells me that this house and the two beside it are called 'The Painted Ladies' so my picture will be called "The Painted Lady". My job today is to finish her but I do have a problem. Her owner feels the right side of the picture is too bare and would like some trees and/or clouds in the sky. I kind of agree that their needs to be something so using the magic of computers I am trying a few things. Here it is with trees but I think that is too much. I will play with it some more and show you the final picture, hopefully today!!


W. J. St. Christopher said...

I'm a big fan of Victorian "Painted Ladies". Here's a link to a bit more info on these great houses for you:


Good luck with your lovely picture!

Chris said...

Beautifully done!