Feb 11, 2009

Is the Snow Gone?

Yes, I am getting tired of our winter, actually we don't usually have a winter here. It is unusual to have snow for more than 3 or 4 days and certainly this frozen snow on the ground stuff for 6 weeks is way too much. Enough of my rant though, on with the picture!
I have some lovely pictures of Mojo, my cousin's dog when he was a pup and when I was looking at this picture I knew what I wanted to do. I am not sure of the composition yet but I have my name and center of interest. I am torn between putting other items in the background or just making it all about him. I will work away and see what develops. When he is done I am going to enter him in a show called "Celebration of Spring".


Brenda Hill said...

Wendy, He is so cute

Chris Mould said...

Hi Mom,

Just looking at the picture and thinking about it after you showed me it at the house. I wonder how it would look framed with a smaller mat then you were previously showing it off with or round mat. I like how it is frame on your blog because it doesn't have the overwhelming amount of white space on the right.