Feb 25, 2009

Complete Harmony

Well to finish off with my little dog I decided to frame him in the vertical format. I loved the open space in the horizontal format but I decided that he looked a little more forlorn and worried about the weather in the vertical format. Once I finished him I was back to my swans. It has been very difficult working with them as I wanted to preserve the movement in the background color but I needed to do more to define the swans. Of course the critics at home had lots to say which is good but I had to really feel my way with them. I have tried to deepen the rose color in the water to define the one swan and I reshaped and set the other with some ultra marine. Then I darken the shadows everywhere on the swans. They're done and I am quite pleased with the results. When I framed them, they looked great.

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Anonymous said...

Always listen to the critics at home. They will never lead you astray!!!