Nov 1, 2012

Summer Sunshine

SUMMER SUNSHINE - 3 x 3 -  $90 unframed

Remember that wonderful sunshine we had for weeks on end?  I must admit some of those days were a little too hot for me and I complained, only a little bit but I did! After the last few days of darkness and rain I wish to retract those comments.  Painting Summer Sunshine was my way of getting back that sunshine.  When we were at my girlfriend's place in Nova Scotia in September I took lots of pictures of her black-eyed Susans.  She had beautiful ones in several different colours, they just shone in the sun and welcomed us home from our adventures.  They were wonderful! 

This little miniature is just one of my new pictures on its way to the Positively Petite Show at the Place des Arts in Coquitlam.  The annual show draws miniature artists from all over the Fraser Valley and is always a delight to see.  Each artist may enter up to 8 pieces, no larger than 12 sq inches, so there are lots of what I call 'real' miniatures.  My little sunshine is only 9 sq. inches and as you can see a lot can be painted into a small space.  The show opens Thursday, Nov 15 and the reception is that evening 7-9pm.  It runs until Dec. 21, 2012.  See you there.

As always, cards and prints of any of my pictures are available starting at $3.50. 


Brenda Hill said...

Wendy, what a lovely little painting I'm looking forward to seeing your show

Donna MacDonald said...

Wow, you really amaze me with the little gems that you paint. I love how you have a few flowers peeking in at the edge - the negative shapes create a great composition. Good luck with your show =)

Wendy Mould said...

Thank you Donna, Summer Sunshine was a fun project. I want to experiment with different shapes and sizes. Building the composition inside a square is always an interesting challenge.