Plein Air Adventures

Grab the Bug Spray, Time for Plein Air!!

Working in Plein Air is like magic.  It’s your chance to be Superhuman, moving mountains or molehills to design your project so it is just ‘right’.  

Being Prepared Travel Light!!  Travel Light!!  Can't say that enough, to really enjoy your experience leave the kitchen sink at home! 

Pocket Sketchbooks come with pen, pencil & 5.5 x 8.5 Canson Sketchbook
If your trip will be on the go, lots of hiking or moving around take a look at my Pocket Sketchbooks.  I found they were great for a 10 day Canoeing trip (with several Portages) on the Bowron Lakes and a month of backpacking in Europe!!  Everything is there and ready to go!  They feature my art on the cover and sell for $32 + shipping and  I always have a selection on hand.  Learn more about my sketchbooks.

Want some help?  I would be glad to book an Outdoor Session with you, contact me and get your Adventure Started!!

Plein Air Adventures with Tips to Help You Enjoy Your Adventure

Last July was a great one for Plein Air work.  We spent 3 weeks on the Sunshine Coast with sun every day!!  Preparing for you trip, reading about my adventure my help you prepare for yours.    Trip to Texada Island , What Colour is the Water?Where to find Great Subjects?Working with a new Blue

Plein Air on the beach in Maui?
No problem, with my handy little paint kit I completed a 5 x 7 watercolour every day.  

What if it Rains?
Unfortunately it is not always nice out!  We head out for 3 or 4 weeks at a time so we see every kind of weather.  I take reference pictures and I upload pictures to my iPad to work from if it is really bad but I have also gone out and found a spot - under a bridge, in the truck, wherever I can stay dry. Even when it clears up things conditions may not be great but there is always material to inspire, see Waiting Out the Storm for some ideas.

No time to stop!
That often happens on a trip, especially when travelling with non artists.  Try a quick sketch.  I have worked in moving cars and even boats!  See Dragonfly, from my trip to Yellowknife, NWT. 

Want to Take your Journal to the Next Step? 
Yes, a journal can become a work of Art in its own right.  See my post OMG!!! Is This Neat or What??!!

 Are there Health Hazards in Plein Air Painting?
Okay, I am not crazy, there are a few safety concerns that you need to think about.  After all you are out in World not tucked away quietly working in your studio.  see my post Beware: 5 Health Hazards of Plein Air Painting

Want to try a Plein Air Event?
Plein Air Painting is becoming more and more main stream as people want to combine their art with their outdoor life.  There are lots of events happening all over the world, whether you are an 'urban sketcher', or 'wildlife hunter'.  These events can be fun or highly competitive, your choice.  Here are two events I went to in the summer of 2015.  Inspiration for only $10 Dollars and Painters Just Wanna have Fun. 

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