Apr 4, 2014

Must We Always Start With White Paper??

Fuchsias in the Sunshine - Work In Progress

White paper as a starting point can often bring any artist to a stand still.  All that white space!!  I like to change things up a bit by covering all that 'white' with an interesting pour of colour.  For my Fuchsias, I first did a pouring of Aureolin, Permanent Rose and Indanthrene Blue.  I tried to keep them in a mid to low value range so that they would shine through for a background but also I could cover them with paint.  For fun I added some salt while the paper was still very wet.  That resulted in the interesting patterning in the lower right side moving up to the top left.

Once the paper was dry I turned it to where I felt there was a sense of weight on the bottom.  Then I drew my fuchsias and began to paint. I used the same colours for my palette but with much more intensity.  I am afraid I got so involved with the painting process I nearly forgot to take a picture for you.  From this picture you can get a sense of how dark the background is and yet my watercolours still cover it and make their own design.  The underlying colours do add a bit of richness and texture to the colour I put on top.  Things are going well with the picture and I am very excited.

Try a coloured background, don't worry about where it is going, just go ahead and draw and paint your picture on top.

Have fun and let me know how it works for you.  My picture will hopefully be ready in a few days. 


Brenda Hill CDM said...

well done! love them

Studio at the Farm said...

The fuschia are beautifully done, Wendy!