Dec 5, 2013

My Journals are Finished, Let's Start Using Them!!


Want to add Excitement to Your Journaling??

Ink, water coloured pencils (dry) and graphite - lovely gradation of colours on the hills is achieved much faster with pencils than pen work
Try using different drawing materials.

 Being a person that loves to draw I often stick with my favourite 2B pencil but I also carry some other very interesting things to use with it.  I keep a few watercolour pencils with my sketchbook:  a nice light and dark blue, red, yellow, brown and  green pencil with a water filled paintbrush. It would be nice to take more pencils but if you are on the go you have to pack light. 
Rocky Harbour, Gros Morne, NFL - ink, graphite, watercolour pencils with a touch of water (in the water)
The watercolour pencils can be used as a dry medium on top of the graphite, which gives great texture and the graphite adds a lovely gradation to the colour. It is best to put the colour on top of the graphite as I find the creamy surface of the watercolour pencils does not accept graphite well afterwards.  Then for variation use the wet paintbrush to bring some of that colour alive.. 

Ink work with Graphite - give lovely texture and value gradation
I also like to bring a .03 and .01 Pigma pen.  These pens are Archival and Permanent so if you want to add water with watercolour pencils the lines will not run.  The combination of graphite with your pen work and/or watercolour with your pen work will also quickly produce wonderful texture, line and depth to your sketches.  If you only have a short time to work get the main part completed and then touch up with a few details later when you have time.
Ink, coloured pencil and graphite - that splash of red really brings this East Coast Lighthouse to life!
I am sure you can understand now why I have designed my own Pocket Sketchbook/Journals (see last post).  The pocket in the front will hold all of this type of supplies and more so I can sit down, open my book and my materials are all there.  That really is key for any successful Journaling on the go - Be Prepared!  (yes I was a Girl Guide too!)

For more tips on Adding Excitement to Your Journaling come to the demo at our Show, Dec 6, 1:30 or better still sign up for the Journaling Workshop with Audrey Bakewell and myself, March 9, 2014.
(see my Shows/Workshops/Private Classes page for more information.)
Have a good day and Happy Journaling!


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