Nov 22, 2012

Having Fun in the Rain!!


Monday was one of those torrential, dark, rainy days but it turned into a really fun time. Steve, Rusty and I headed out to Agassiz, BC to the Monday Painters Group.   They wanted to learn more about mixing pen and ink work with watercolour.  Instead of seeing gloomy rain we spent the day at the beach!  (Miracle Beach, Vancouver Island where our reference picture was from) We drew driftwood, beach flowers and long wavy grasses.  Our clouds were white and billowy as they rested on the coastal mountains.  We laughed and talked and of course had delicious treats.  It was great fun. 
The Monday Painters group has been going for 52 years.  I know you can’t all join them in Agassiz but I am sure if you search around your area there is probably a group like them.  If there isn’t, then start your own.  It will certainly turn your rainy days into one of joy and fun.
Here are a few of the paintings after all the hard work.


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