Mar 8, 2012

My Short-Eared Owl – WIP

It was crazy! While all the cameras and binoculars were focused on the snowy owls on the Mud Flats this winter, behind us were lots of other birds.As I walked along the dyke I saw this beautiful short eared owl enjoying the rising sun.When I really started to look around I saw there were several of them, swooping down among the grasses and bushes hunting for their prey.This was very exciting for me as it was a major bird sighting, my third owl species.Now that I have been working on my picture I realize I have seen them before in the distances but never realized it. 
My layout, I used frisket to save my foreground pieces

I loved the glow of the rising sun in my picture so I decided to use my watercolours for this project.I know a blue sky is pretty routine but honestly it was one of those cold, crisp winter days and the sky just had to be blue!!
 This is after I poured on some watercolour and then did a bit of shaping. 
Frisket is off and I started work on my foreground first to get a feel for my colours.  That and the fact I lost most of my pencil drawing when I removed the frisket so I had to redraw things!!

An exciting side note, my tulips, “Singled Out” from my last post has been accepted in the Federation of Canadian Artists juried show “Blossoms” and will be at their Granville Island Gallery from April 3-15.  


Doreen Cross said...

OH i like how this is coming along Wendy. The back ground has awesome colors.
Looking forward to your next update.

Brenda Hill said...

This is going to look fantastic when it's done and congrats on the Blossom show!

Studio at the Farm said...

Wendy, your owl is coming along so wonderfully!! I really look forward to seeing more of him!

Gillian Olson said...

Wendy the owl is looking very promising and congratulations on having your tulips accepted at the F. Gallery.

Florence's Art said...

I like this style for the background sky you use. It really sets the mood. Congratulations on being accepted in the FCA's show. Can you get to the Mud flats from Crescent Beach or am I thinking of the wrong area?

Wendy Mould said...

Thank you ladies for all your support. Yes, the background is a little different. I used some of the pouring ideas with it.
Florence to get to the Mud Flats you need to go off of 72 Ave on the Ladner Trunk Road. It is the area by the Boundary Airport.