Sep 23, 2011

With Determination and Reassurance, I will start the weekend!!

DETERMINATION - 10 x 8 Available

Yes, this is a big weekend; I am part of The Langley Art Studio Tour. This is a very exciting event for me, my first studio tour.  No, I haven’t moved to Langley so it won’t actually  be in my studio but I will be with a group of 5 other artists at the Fields & Flower Farm, 900 232 St.  We will be one of the “Stops of Interest”.  The tour will have 43 artists, 17 working art studios, 6 ‘Stops of Interest’, a range of mini-workshops and demos, and plenty of art to see.  It really looks like it will be a great event.  Best of all it will be over two weekends to give everyone a chance to poke around a bit at their leisure.

REASSURANCE - 10 x 8 Available
Places I would love to check out are Susan Falk’s studio, she is a tiny lady and does huge paintings, her studio set up would be very interesting to see.   Down the road from us is Flowers from a Country Garden, a u-pick flower garden.  This sounds like a really novel idea and I would like to see how it works.  She had flowers for our reception last night and the bouquets were stunning.
The tour dates are Sept. 24 & 25 and Oct. 1 & 2, 10am – 5 pm.  This is a self-guided tour and all the details and maps can be found at  I will be doing one of the demos, “Drawing Animals in Graphite” at 2 pm each day of the Sept 25 & 25 weekend.  Of course my new pictures “Determination’’ and “Reassurance” will be there to greet you. 
I wish you all could come and check out the tour but for those that can, it will be great to see you.

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Brenda Hill said...

Good luck Wendy,hope the weather stays nice for the tour.