Dec 22, 2010

BC Artists Volume II is Here!!

I want to wish you a

Merry Christmas
and all the best for the coming year!

I also want to share with you some exciting news: I have been published in a book and here it is!! BC Artists Vol. II, features artists from BC, it is a great opportunity to learn about some of the many talented artists on the coast. I am very honored to be part of it and excited and pleased to get the book before Christmas. If you are interested in a copy they are available at Chapters, Opus Framing Supplies and of course I just happen to have a few autographed copies by one of the artists in the book!!


Brenda Hill said...

How exciting that is a beautiful book!

Wendy Mould said...

Thanks Brenda. Yes, Dene Croft's picture is on the front and it really looks good.