Mar 1, 2010


Yes, the Olympics are over and I am back on line again. Who would have believed what an experience it would be to have the Olympics in your own town? I was busy not only as a volunteer but also going to some of the games and taking in the sights. As a volunteer in the village it was great, I saw lots of the athletes and talked with many of them. They were all great people and most appreciative of any help you gave them. They were all ages too, which surprised me, the snowboarders and some of the skaters were young but the rest were every age. My daughter and I went to seeing some of the curling, of course and had a great time. The fans were loud and busy, it was more like a hockey game then a curling game and the action on ice was amazing. I was at the dress rehearsal for the Opening Ceremonies and that really brought out my Olympic Spirit. After that, whenever I had a free moment I was downtown taking in all the other events. Vancouver was just an amazing party with people everywhere. We have never seen anything like it. However, like all good things it has to come to an end and I think I am ready for it. February has been a blur and my husband says I just visit the house, I really feel like I would like my life back. So with renewed energy and spirit I will be attacking my work, lots has piled up: commissions, projects and upcoming shows. This is turning into one busy year.


Dors said...

Welcome Home Wendy. Great to have you back blogging. So glad you had a wonderful time at the Olympics. I thought of you many times and wondered if you talked to the Curlers.

A busy year for sure but you can handle it... Your a star.

Wendy Mould said...

Hi Dors, yes it is good to be back. I did get to see and talk with many of the curling teams which was very exciting for me.