Nov 10, 2009

Guy is coming along well – WHIPS 3

Things have been very busy lately, I just finished a 4 day show and of course that took all my time and energy so I am a little behind on my other projects. Guy is nearly finished and as you can see he has reached the exciting stage. The end is in sight and things are really starting to work out as I planned. The background that I was complaining about is alive and working well with his portrait. I am still wondering if I need to put a 'bit more' on the right side but I didn't want it to be a straight line so I am trying to be patient and wait until it is done before making that decision. My grass in the front has its first layer but it needs more work and I want to get a little more of a shine on his coat before I call it done. I can feel that I am getting to the picky stage with parts of the picture which is a real sign to me to leave it alone!! If only we listen to our self, I am trying. Well I must get back to work and hopefully I will be able to post the finished picture soon.



Brenda Hill said...

This is looking good Wendy

Pencil Sanity said...

He sure is coming along nicely. The BG is looking nice as well.

Wendy Mould said...

Thanks girls, I am glad you are enjoying the picture.