Jan 21, 2009

Stop Harmony and Move to the Suburbs

Harmony will have to take a back seat for awhile as I must focus on another picture right now. I have this beautiful house portrait to draw in ink which is needed right away. It is a lovely place with lots of moldings and little details. It is really tricky to get all that detail right; another example of when 12 pictures of something is not enough I should have taken more. When I take my photos I try and take some from a distance, close up on some of the details and then several from at least 2 perspectives I think might be the most interesting to draw. The trouble is there are always plants and things around that get in your way making it hard to see everything. I know you want to put the plants in but often they need to be moved a bit so the subject can shine through. I have included a copy of my pencil sketch to give you an idea of where I am going, I will post the finished piece when it is done.

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Brenda Hill said...

Hi Wendy, your drawing is coming along nicely and the blog looks good.