Jan 27, 2009

My House is ready for its First Inspection

My pen and ink drawing of the house is coming along nicely. It is fun to do but a little tricky. My first goal is to set up the overall structure of the house and then to do the shading. As you can see it is still fairly light as I do not want to over commit myself in any area as one can always make things darker but with ink there is no going back. For the most part I started at the top and worked my way down the picture and did bits of the foliage as I went along. Drawing all those leaves can be very tedious but I use them as kind of a warm up exercise before moving on to the house for each drawing session. I find that way I am able to keep my foliage fresh and alive looking. The house has lots of mouldings and I want to be sure to make them stand out. Well back to work.

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