Jan 9, 2009

The eagles are starting to fly

I have been working on my eagles for a few days now and they are really starting to come alive. I try hard to work top to bottom and left to right but . . . As I work different areas just call my name and I have to address them and then of course I am constantly bringing other areas up to speed. I was not too happy with the overall look of my top eagle and I finally figured out that his head wasn’t sitting right. I shorten things up and set his head on his shoulders and I think he looks a lot better. I am really enjoying the driftwood but I know I must be careful as it could become more interesting than the eagles if I don’t look out. The whole project is going very well and I can see I will be finished up soon. I know you are probably wondering about the face of the second eagle, I have been kind of avoiding it for now, it will need a light touch and I need to be in the ‘mood’ to tackle it.
How is your first project of the year coming?


Anonymous said...

The picture is looking great Wendy, I like the composition you have chosen. The driftwood is looking good but I do think the log in the very front is a little to light.

Wendy Mould said...

Yes I felt that log was a little too light as well and so I have darken it a bit. It still reads as a lighter color but it now fits in with the driftwood better. You will be able to see the change when I post my next picture.